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We live in Shapleigh, Maine, on a small slice of awesome. It’s difficult to see our neighbor because of the trees and forest growth in general. We’re on the side of a small mountain. We see deer, woodchucks, turkeys and the random coyote. Or possibly it’s the wolf-coyote highbred coming from the north. Our apparel is designed and created by Shapleigh native, and 20 year Air Force veteran, Megan Taggart.

In my opinion, Megan puts a bit of ‘Mom-love’ in everything she designs. (Matt)

Megan wants everyone to be happy and comfortable. When you finally arrive at your destination, rip off the stiff clothes, and get into your comfy clothes!

Thank you for taking time to visit us.

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The Shapleigh Apparel Company Story

Both Megan and Matt, like so many others, work. A lot.

One evening Megan and Matt were talking about their day. Megan showed Matt a t-shirt design that she had created for a friend’s birthday party.

That’s all it took. One look.

“I’m going to exploit your talents”

All joking aside, that’s what happened. Megan is a 20 military veteran. She is a highly skilled, highest level security clearance, cyber security expert. Megan was hiding her super power. Matt was a partner in a national marketing firm and current president of a privately owned retail company. When Matt saw Megan’s talent, it was game on. Megan’s hidden ability to design mixed with Matt’s ‘holy-cow look what you can do’ attitude has blossomed into a hobby company uplifting anyone wearing the apparel- And beyond! Because we have an 8 year old and we like to use fun lines from fun family movies!

Anyway, we like you. We hope you like us.

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Our Commitment

To have as much fun as possible with this company and with this life! We hope to bring you joy through our apparel. It’s that simple.

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